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'In October 2012, a drone strike in northeast Pakistan killed a 67-year-old woman picking okra outside her house. At a briefing held in 2013 in Washington, DC, the woman’s 13-year-old grandson, Zubair Rehman, spoke to a group of five lawmakers. “I no longer love blue skies,” said Rehman, who was injured by shrapnel in the attack. “In fact, I now prefer gray skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are gray.”'

America’s drone war has killed thousands of people over the last ten years, but the visual record of it is miniscule  After receiving a Getty Images Editorial Grant in 2013, photographer Tomas Van Houtryve set out across the United States to create images that would bring light to the circumstances under which drones operate. He attached his camera to a small drone and aerially photographed the types of targets that drones strike: weddings, funerals, public gatherings.

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